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From “The Enema Within: Confessions of an Anal Addict”
by Nancy Ava Miller

Nancy with four-quart enema bag (1997)

Enema Assignment:
For Enema Pig Boys, with Love

     Firstly, you are not to have an orgasm for at least two days before embarking upon this nasty enema assignment. During the hours preceding it, eat lightly—soup or fruits—or fast on broth and juices or on other clear liquids. Dress only in crotchless ladies’ panties, tight and silky—red, black, purple, or pink. In lieu of panties, consider tying a snug bright bow around your little pee-pee. Otherwise, you are naked.
     Prepare your enema recipe—the famous coffee enema or Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap cleanse. When your enema bag is filled with hot liquid, hang the contraption approximately four feet above the site of your assignment—the spot where you’ll submit to my colonic torture; the location, that is, where you’ll recline and accept the enema fluids. For this assignment, I suggest you lie on your bathroom floor, upon cold tile or linoleum, near the base of the toilet where you belong.
     Before penetrating your anus, kiss the nozzle tip three times and then expel from the pipe a small stream of liquid so as not to force air into the bowel. For greater liquid penetration, rest on your left side, in a semifetal position. Rotate the lubricated pipe end around your slut hole before inserting. Titillate and tease your ass. Make your ass long for the liquid, long for invasion, crave to be raped, violated, hurt, and humiliated.
     Once the pipe is high inside you, undo the clamp on the tubing. Now your enema recipe will enter, bloating and cramping, making you squirm and, perhaps, moan.
     Allow approximately one and half cups to enter. Then shut the clamp, touch your little pee-pee, bring yourself almost to the point of orgasm, and stop! Do not come! Now allow another one and half cups to flow inside you. Clip off the clamp again, caress your penis, but stop just before orgasm. Force the remaining enema solution into your body, roll on your back, and, like a whore boy, spread your thighs wide and move your ass up and down, up and down. Grip your helpless balls gently, and squeeze in a pulsating fashion (as if you are cupping a sick bird in your hand, trying to revive it). Squeeze harder. A little harder still. Do not touch your penis for at least twelve minutes, however. Once these minutes pass, release your balls; you now have permission to touch your little dick in whatever manner feels best—harsh or gentle, gooey with K-Y or raw from the friction of your fingers. Your goal now is to experience a full-body orgasm. A full-body orgasm is felt everywhere within and outside of you—not just in the head of your little pee-pee, but also in your hair follicles, your toes, your nose, your elbows, your armpits, and, yes, of course, in your groin—your balls, your dick, your asshole too. I want every part of your body throbbing and exploding with the heat, the sweat, the intensity of your orgasm—not just your little dick. And I want a lot of come—hot, thick, white, milky, creamy, nasty, disgusting, squirting, fiery, pulsating come emanating from every pore, every cell, every particle, every crevice, every nuance of your physical being. But most importantly, from your heart, your soul, your mind, your brain—not just from your worthless dick. And the way to experience a full-body orgasm is to keep that slut ass spread and moving. I want your ass spread so wide, so far, that you actually feel an ache, a spasm of pain at the point where your inner thigh joins the torso. Spread yourself! Move it! And in addition, I want you to forget your dick for a change, and think of me—my cunt and my own asshole, clean and fresh because of my own enema proclivities, clean and fresh as a field of daisies, as clean damp air following a rainstorm in early Summer, so clean you could slide your tongue or nose safely into my ass crack or even up the orifice and smell and taste only sweetness. That is what you should think about instead of your genitals—my pussy meat, red and moist; the mysterious cunt hole; and my puckered tight asshole, which you’d love to lick and—if truth be known—love to insert your little dick deep within, which, I can assure you, will never occur! So with these instructions for a full-body orgasm—to keep your own ass spread and moving, to place your perverted little thoughts not on yourself but on me, on my cunt, on my ass, the smells and wetness—with these thoughts and these commands, you now have permission to come. And remember, do not hold back! I want your dick to go wild with come, like a fire hose squirting out of control, like Old Faithful exploding and spitting its spew into the sky. Do not hold back! You’ve held back your entire life; you are not to hold back from me now. And at the point of orgasm, you are to utter, “I am owned! I am owned! I am owned!” Yes, state this three times; and when every last ooze of come is milked from that dick, smear some of the goo on your lips, your chin, your mouth, your face. And imagine you are wet with my piss, my come.
     And now expel from your body the enema water into the toilet, enjoy a warm shower, clean your bathroom and your enema equipment, and recall forever the warmth, the glow, the passion of enema love.

(505) 255-9255

r Inquiries Welcome! Please call Nancy Ava Miller at (505) 281-6262, any hour, or call PEP at (505) 260-1324, M-F 9-5 MT,
PEP's Inquiry LoveLine
(505) 255-9255, any hour, or email Nancy at nancy at nancyava.com.

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